april '24

i wanted to do these more regularly but sometimes life gets in the way and i forget about little projects like these, the past couple months i've been gearing up to move house, that should happen within the next couple of months
ive not been keeping up with doing art much, but i'm blaming SAD for that, it's almost may and it's grey and dreary most days - the one week lately where it was sunny i was in the best mood i've been in for months! can't wait until summer, it feels like it's been perpetually grey since late august.
i've been learning how to forage this spring - made a garlic soup with wild garlic (which was lovely btw, super green and garlic-y) and been making some nettle tea which is surprisingly nice. i can't wait until berries start growing from brambles, they are the best

january 2024

this was a good month! nearing the end now so want to get a overview out there.
at the start of the month i took my brother back to university, treated him to lunch, and helped him move back in.
after that round trip my car started making a grinding noise, turns out the rear brakes & discs are worn quite heavily, and the caliper on the driver side rear was sticking - so got that replaced and repaired, the type R's running brembos now! need to do the front discs and pads too at some point, but they're not desperate for it.
this month ive also neglected to do any paintings - that changes this weekend, i plan to take a (smallish) edible, get those creative juices flowing and paint over this weekend - i say smallish only because the other week i had an edible which was way too much (i used some avb on a biscuit with butter) and ended up having a crisis laying in my bed! but have done smallish amounts since and been fine, so i'm confident i'll be okay.
overall a good month - decided to move out at some point, i need my own space lol
i also saw bring me the horizon live at the o2 in london!! best night ive had in ages, throat killed me the day after but that's a sign of a good gig to me - i've got the "post gig blues" now so i keep looking at others to go to nearby - king gizzard are doing a brighton show later on in the year which i might book tickets for