about me

alias: ipsissimus

name: jay

age: 24

location: england, sussex

music taste: mostly rock, metal type music from all eras, though i also love the late 90-s era for eurodance and eurobeat

hobbies: tech, art, painting, walks in the woods, obscure knowledge, FOSS software, old books

tech specs: i run opensuse tumbleweed on a thinkpad X13 yoga gen1 which i use for anything that doesn't require heavy lifting, and a desktop i built that runs windows 10

what im listening to atm: russian post-punk!! really like the sound even if i can't understand it, reminds me of old goth music

current book: none

bucket list

thought id make a bucket list of things i want to do and put them on here rather than write it down in a notebook i won't see for ages